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Every story can be rewritten. 

Every soul has a story to tell. 

Even when the world appears broken.

And all your dreams have gone to hell. 

In the darkness your soul will find you. 

Its voice will lead the way.

A more beautiful life will be written.

Word by word, day by day. 

This site is a space for your humanity; for your beauty and for your pain.

Here you will find inspiration and solidarity; an invitation to your own healing; and a light to find your way. Take from this space what you need on your journey of rewriting your life story to the one your soul wants to tell.


My Story

This space is dedicated to my story. This is where I share with you my journey of embracing my humanity and rewriting my life to the one my soul wants to live. This space is real. This space is raw. This is space is inspiring. It offers insights from my journey to yours.


Your Story

This space is dedicated to you and your journey. It offers safe spaces for healing. It offers quiet spaces for reflecting and letting go. It offers creative spaces for allowing the light of who you really are to express itself in the world. This is the space where you will discover the magic in writing your way forward from your soul.


Story of the World

This space is dedicated to all of us. It serves the creation of a more beautiful world. This space challenges the deeply set beliefs in our culture that cause violence, destruction and war through poetry, voice and artistic expression. This space offers a vision of a more peaceful, loving world that can only be created by trusting in our own humanity and following the fire in our souls.