Re-Claim Your Body (and what it means to re-write a story)

What I believe and how I feel about my body has been one of the biggest stories I have re-written. 

Five years ago I was a closet bulimic, bingeing and purging my food on a regular basis. I hated the way my body looked and I avoided the way my body felt. I had no idea there was wisdom in my body that I could tap into that would tell me what I needed to eat and how I needed to move to keep me healthy and beautiful and strong. I was afraid that even if my body had a voice there was no way I could trust it. I was sure it would tell me to sit around and gorge on junk all the time, and I would become a fat disgusting blob. So I lived by a million self-imposed rules of what I could eat and how I had to exercise and when. They were onerous and not sustainable. And they were certainly not my truth. So of course I broke them. And then I shamed myself for breaking them. And the cycle continued that way. More rules. More breaking them. More distrust. More shame. 

These kinds of deep rooted patterns can be broken. The stories of unworthiness that underlie them can be rewritten. I know because I have re-written mine. It will be 4 years this Christmas since I last purged my food. I no longer shame myself into living by a million rules. And most importantly, I love my body. I love how it looks. I love how it feels. I love how it knows exactly what it needs. I feel beautiful. I feel sexy. I feel powerful in ways I did not know possible. I have re-claimed my body, and in the process I learned it is safe to trust my own truth. 

These are the kinds of stories we will be diving into re-writing at the Re-Write Your Story Retreat September 22-24, 2017. Whether it is your body, your spirituality, your purpose, your work, your art or your voice, you will be given the space and the support to begin to own those parts of you you have denied. We will begin to re-write those stories at their core so that you can re-claim the parts of yourself that are needed for you to be the most beautiful powerful version of yourself in your own life, and for the world. 

Early bird rates are available until August 31, 2017. 

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