Thoughts on Moments and Holding it All

We are asked to expand. This is Life. An invitation to grow larger in all ways. To create space in small rooms, and tear down the walls.

We are capable of holding so much more than we realize; more than we dare to even imagine. The joy, exquisite and raw. The love, fulsome and feverish. The grief; the sorrowful nights. Bright hot anger. Venomous envy and rage. Indulgent escapes. Passionate affairs. Fog-filled wandering. Tumbling lost and peaceful in the wild. Ecstasy.

Every moment is a bite to be savoured. An opportunity to rise for, and to sink into. The adventure is always calling; inviting us to say yes! to being alive. Here and now. In the rough. We cannot avoid these calloused edges if we want to peek at the gleaming diamond within.

Fill potholes with wonder. Be curious in your despair. Ask questions of simplicity. You will find magic here. In the heroic mundane. 

Smile. Breathe. Love. Sit. Here on a bench. On this busy street. And see only the slow movement of a caterpillar as it inches past your toes.

Life is full of moments. One million simplicities entwined in a dance; a symphony of minutes streaming into hours and days.

Life becomes a masterpiece not in a single rain, but in the pooling of dew drops over centuries. In wet trickling off lily pads, snaking streams into raging rivers, melding unrecognizable and blasting open at the foot of the Gods. In the long high note reverberating in the waves. In the tears rising from the depths of the ocean into cloud conversations, landing early one morning, the first drop on the tip of the nose of a child dancing for rain: a tiny hand reaches out; a smile breaks wide; a dusty village celebrates.

A thousand years caught in a moment in time.

Joy; holding it all.




Danielle RondeauComment