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What do you stand for?

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And why is it important to know?

Until recently if you would have asked me what I stood for or what I believed in I wouldn’t have been able to give you an answer. Not a real juicy, passionate one, anyways. Maybe I would have said something very Miss America like, such as “I believe in being kind to people” or “helping others” or “finding happiness”… but if you would have probed a little further and asked what those things meant to me personally and how I was going to make a difference, I would have been at a loss. If truth be told, I didn’t really know. I wasn't really sure what was important to me.

I had heard others talk about things passionately and I listened intently and often agreed with what they were saying. But I didn’t have my own steam. I never took my own stand. I would say to myself - What does it really matter? And who wants to be one of those crazy passionate people anyways? Secretly I did want to have a passion, but I was scared. I was scared that if I looked I wouldn’t find anything I could be passionate about, and that even if I did I’d never make a difference anyways. I’d probably fail.

And so I never looked. I didn’t have BIG DREAMS or goals that I DEEPLY cared about achieving – and I certainly didn’t have a plan. Someone had put a path in front of me and I was following it, hoping I would be able to do some good along the way. I was set to have a really good mediocre life.

As you may have gathered from this blog, I’ve officially become one of the CRAZIES. I will now stand passionately for POSSIBILITY and for the opportunity for each of us to CREATE LIVES that we LOVE.

I’ve found something that I feel so strongly about that I can’t not do it!  But how did I find it? Did a voice speak to me? Was I suddenly one day unable to write anything except the same sentence over and over in the factum I was drafting?

Not really. Although that would have made it a little easier to get some clarity in a fast way, I think it would have freaked me out more than anything.

The best way I can describe what went on in my mind the day the shift happened that set me on course to discovering what I stand for is with a quote:


I simply started asked myself what was important to me over and over again – and really taking the time to listen, without judgment. And when I did the answers became crystal clear. It felt less like I was searching for something to be passionate about, and more like I was simply allowing myself to BE.

The more I discovered my passions, the stronger they became, and the more clarity I gained around what it is I stand for. And now that I’ve discovered them, I could never go back because I’m completely in LOVE with LIFE.

What do you stand for? How are you going to contribute in your life? What difference are you making in the world?

Only you can decide.

So here’s my challenge for you ... DREAM IT. BELIEVE IT. DO IT.

Let’s make this real.