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Suits & Capes: Week One of TYS 10 day Spoken Word Poetry Challenge

August 18 - 29, 2014, Suits & Capes Poetry Challenge!

I gave myself a challenge to publish one spoken word poem each weekday for two weeks on TYS YouTube Channel!

My start date was last Monday and I was incredibly nervous (and a little excited that I would get to wear a cape).

I now sit at half time. Five days down, five to go. And its time to breakdown the plays.

I can't say its been all touchdowns and slam dunks, but there have been a few good steals and checks into the boards (In case you were questioning, I do know those are all from different sports). It has been a lot of learning and a lot of fun.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...its time for the highlights reel!

Monday - I kicked off the first quarter with a blast straight from the heart and a question that sent everyone running. For the instant replay click here:

Tuesday I darted and danced down so many paths the other guys never saw me coming. You don't want to miss this one - catch the excitement here:

I admit I got a little carried away with all that running around, and so, on Wednesday, I closed out the first quarter and started the second solid as a tree, with a major comeback play that got me grounded. Watch below to steal my strategy:

Thursday required all my courage as I forged on through the pain of an old injury. For the guts and gore click here:

Not to worry, my strength carried me through, and Friday, I ended the first half wearing my battle scars with pride. Check out the final blows before half time:

AND...there are five more days to come!

Subscribe to TYS YouTube Channel here to get up to the minute coverage on the second half.

Even I don't know what's in store, but it is sure to be exciting.

Until tomorrow!



A Celebration, a Challenge, and a Gift.

launched First to CELEBRATE!!

My new site is up! Woooooooooo! Yeah!

This has been a long time coming. I am so excited to get this launch post out to you, and yet there is still more I want to do with this revamp. This site is not a finished product. It has not reached a perfect state.

Those kinds of thoughts used to be the ones that prevented me from putting anything out there ever. Now I can see that the messiness is the beauty of it. I have no doubt there will be more twists and turns and jumps and jags and EXPLOSIONS along the way. Kinda like life, this site oozes unpredictable beauty.

So despite the rough edges, TYS is LIVE. Open for all to see.

You can now read about what reinvented TYS is all about HERE.

You can read what I’m all about HERE.

You can check out what I’m up to HERE and HERE.

You can keep informed about what I’m up to (and get entered into a draw!! – see below) by signing up for TYS newsletter (top right corner above!).

AND you can join me at TYS inaugural reinvention EVENT: Problem to Possibility, on Tuesday September 16, 2014! More about that HERE.

And now…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…for the Challenge!

Next Monday, August, 18, 2014 I will be taking on a new and terrifying challenge, in service of TYS’s Mission: 10 days of spoken word poetry!

Starting Monday I will publish one spoken work poem each weekday morning for two weeks on TYS YouTube Channel!

That’s 10 days of me shaking in my boots as I bare my poetic talents for all to see.

Click HERE to check out my test run and get a sneak preview of what’s in store:

And last, but not least, my GIFT to you.

I am giving away one month of free life coaching!

The winner will be drawn at TYS’s Event: Problem to Possibility, on September 16, 2014.

Every person who signs up for my newsletter by September 8, 2014 will get entered into the draw. You don’t need to be in attendance at the event to win.

That’s one month (four coaching sessions) dedicated to you opening up new possibilities in your life and taking actions to create a life that you LOVE.

Sign up for my newsletter above and be entered to win!

That’s all for now. I will be back next Monday, and until then I will be hard core training, like THIS

Stay tuned.



2013 Young Lawyer Wrap Up Event Recap

reflection, reflect, 2013, year end, goals, vancouver What an amazing Wednesday night!

I had a great time at TYS Year End Wrap Up at La Casita this week. I am thankful that I was able to spend an evening with such wonderful people!

We shared some delicious Mexican food and margaritas as we looked back over the past year; how we've grown, the things that have changed, the things that we have learned, the things that we have loved, and the people that made it possible. We all had different experiences and everyone had an incredible story to share about life as a young lawyer in 2013.

We each had a chance to reflect on and share with the group the path our career had taken since January. Many of us had made some significant changes as we tried to find our place in a profession that can easily overwhelm and isolate, yet also be profoundly rewarding.

Some had changed firms, some had started their own firms; some had found a practice area they loved; and some had started businesses outside of the law. From first trials, to first time managing our own files or getting our own clients, to first exposure to the business side of law, and first experiences working with an incredible mentor, no experience was the same.

We talked about our personal highlights and favorite moments and shared a lot of laughs. Everyone had ups and downs, and each of us had something valuable to share. And there was no doubt that we had all learned more than we ever thought possible.

What was clear to me was that everyone was finding their way, and that it was so much better to figure it out together.

As for me, I ended the evening on a high. I was inspired and humbled by the stories shared by each and every one of you.

So THANK YOU to everyone of you who came out and shared a little bit about what made 2013 amazing, challenging, and unforgettable. And thank you to each of you out there who has supported me and TYS this year. You guys really are amazing. I know that much of the incredible changes I have made this year would not have been possible without each of you. 

Sometimes my heart is so full of gratitude I think it might burst. I cannot believe my good fortune to be surrounded by so much love and possibility.

I want nothing more than to continue to share ideas, create dreams, and build relationships with each of you in 2014.

Together we can find our way in this profession. Together we can overcome the challenges we face. Together we can move past the losses and share in the victories. Together we can create lives that we love.

So here is me saying a genuine thank you. To all of you.

If you have any reflections you'd like to share about your experiences as a young lawyer in 2013, please send me a message at any time, or share them with all of us in the comments below.

All the best with your year end reflections, and Happy Holidays!



2013 Holiday Gift Basket!

diamond dolls, netoworking, holiday, gift, christmas TYS has teamed up with four other local women entrepreneurs at Diamond Dolls Women's Networking Group ( to put together an awesome holiday gift basket!

This year pamper your special someone or get 5 great gifts for 5 great friends while supporting local businesses in Vancouver!

The Holiday Gift Basket includes:

2 hr Painting Class for Two - MAB Ventures Inc. Spa Party with 4 Manicures and Spa Gifts - Ultimate Mobile Spa Cut, Colour & Makeup - Trés Bon Hair and Beauty Personal Stress Reduction Consultation - Trash Your Stress 4 Weight Loss Made Easy Hypnosis - Clinical Hypnotherapist Kathy Welter Nichols

Total Regular Priced Value: $750

Special Holiday Offer $250!

Delivery available!

Order Yours - Danielle Rondeau at or 604.353.5129

Happy Holidays!



Law Student Workshops: Back in time to a new future! Osgoode Hall and University of Ottawa Event Recap

dreams law students lawyers workshop associate stress career create happiness I forgot how much I loved law school. Such an exciting time.

As I sat in the cafeteria at Osgoode Hall Law School Monday morning preparing some notes and enjoying the excited buzz of students milling around me, I was transported back in time. The students were rehashing their weekends, making case law jokes that only those who have been to law school could ever find funny, and frantically asking each other about the readings they had not yet done (those would not have been the first years of course, who would have done ALL of their readings, and who would instead be trying to one up each other with the legal principles and funny case law names they had memorized). Having done all of the above a few years earlier, I sat there feeling nostalgic, and also a little less nervous about the workshop I was about to put on.

Although I arrived nervous, the only way to describe the way I felt a few hours later when I left Osgoode Hall, was inspired. And today, I sit here writing to you similarly inspired after an amazing hour and a half lunch time workshop with the law students at the University of Ottawa.

The students spent some time dreaming up their IDEAL careers and then picked one aspect and brainstormed a personal plan for achieving it. I was able to observe the discussion and interact with the students in their small groups, sharing my experiences and examples of other lawyers creating lives that they LOVE. It was a challenging task I put to the students - to come up with plans for achieving their dreams, and even to come up with clear dreams in the first place - but the students genuinely took up the challenge. The ideas were flowing, and most importantly, a conversation was started. And while the workshop only lasted one lunch break, I hope the conversation will carry on much longer. Because as much as we all want a quick fix to the problems in our lives and our profession, these are not conversations that cannot be started and finished in a lunch hour. To create a life you love, this conversation must last a lifetime.

And that is why I am committed to continuing the conversation, to reaching out again and again, to answering any question, and to taking the encouraging feedback the students provided and using it to add more value, to take Create a Life you LOVE workshops to the next level, next time!

And what I am most grateful for, after spending some time with the students this week, is, not only did it bring me back memories of some great times in my life, but it gave me a glimpse of the infinite possibility that exists for the future of our profession.  

Can you imagine what the legal profession would look like in 10 years if each student graduated knowing their dreams, prepared to follow their own dreams, and prepared to take their career into their own hands to make those dreams happen? Can you imagine if each graduate believed without question that it is POSSIBLE to create a life that they LOVE in this profession? Can you imagine if each student had the tools and the resources needed to put a plan in place to achieve their ideal career, and the support network necessary to carry them through challenges, overcome barriers, and actually make it happen? Can you imagine the creative alternative law practices that would be dreamed up and built, each tailored to a lawyer's strengths, and each allowing the lawyer to most effectively offer his or her services to the world?

I imagine these things all the time, because it is my dream for our profession. And I am so grateful for the students this week for giving me a glimpse of that dream in action.

So thank you again to both Osgoode Hall Law School and University of Ottawa Law School for the warm welcome, and a special thank you to Melanie Goela and Jessica Simon for their kindness, and to each of the students who attended for taking the time to engage in an important conversation about their dreams for their future in this profession.

I believe wholeheartedly in my dreams, and I believe with equal conviction that each of you can find and achieve yours. So keep searching, keep dreaming, and just know, that even on days when you don’t quite believe, there is someone out there that still believes in you.

DREAM it. PLAN it. LIVE it.



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Sept 18, 2013 Event Recap

dreams lights It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams. - Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

Everyone has dreams. Sometimes we just lose sight of them. Sometimes we actively suppress them. Sometimes we are just too busy to even take the time to figure out what they are.

I've been guilty of all three.

What I've learned is we just need a little space for dreams to grow. And to be surrounded by people who allow you that space - people who not only encourage you to let them grow, but actually believe that you can achieve even the craziest of dreams, and offer what they can to help you get there.

And that's what last night's TYS IDEAL Work Arrangement Event was all about.

dreams grow here

We started things off by getting clear on our IDEAL work arrangement. We met new people and shared our ideas and dreams for our ideal type of work, work schedule, and work environment. We brainstormed strategies for overcoming the barriers we saw to getting to our ideals.  Everyone came to the table with different challenges, and different ideals, and in the end it is those differences that enabled us to offer each other good advice and a different perspective.

In the second part of the event we heard from two amazing guest speakers: Michael McCubbin and Sarah Kalil.

Mike is, a young lawyer who started and continues to operate his own successful law practice The Law Offices of Michael McCubbin. He talked to us about why he decided to start up his own firm right after articling, what it all involved, and some of the challenges he faced. He spoke of the importance of knowing what you want, and creating a plan to get there. He offered practical advice to anyone thinking of going out on their own and after many well-answered questions the crowd was left in silent awe (seriously). If you want to learn more about Mike's story check out last week’s feature interview: Going Rogue.

Then Sarah spoke and livened the crowd with her amazing positivity. Sarah is former young lawyer turned leadership coach / digital media entrepreneur. She talked to us about her decision to follow her dreams out of the practice of law, and the challenges and excitement she's experienced along the way. She highlighted the importance of knowing your why (especially when your dreams involve getting outside your comfort zone) and put to the crowd some thought provoking questions. You can learn more about Sarah and all of the awesome things she is up to here -

The advice and inspiration from Mike and Sarah was a perfect transition into creating a plan to get to the IDEALS we had been dreaming about all night, and everyone was given some practical worksheets to take away so they could start putting their dreams into plans and actions.

Everyone was sharing and  talking excitedly. Relationships were formed, and something else too, hope.

I could see it happening everywhere. In every conversation, every thought, every smile. That's what I loved most about the night. We were allowing ourselves to dream. And by the end of the night I could see not only dreams, but unlimited POSSIBILITY.

So thank you to Sarah and Mike and to everyone who came out for making the night a great success!

And to all of you (and me included)...

do the impossible

Keep BELIEVING. Keep DREAMING. Keep seeking what you LOVE.



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Let's get clear on our IDEALS!

dream-big2 * This week I'm making it short and sweet. I know I've gone on and on already about the importance of knowing your values, what's important to you, and visualizing your IDEAL LIFE, but it can't be said enough. If you dream it you can create a plan to achieve it! If you don't get clear on your own personal version of bliss, the only way of getting to a life that you LOVE, is if you happen to like the plan that someone else has created for you.

If you need some inspiration check out this snapshot video of the introduction to the IDEALS portion of TYS' Young Lawyers Loving Life, held July 22, 2013 in Vancouver! And if your wondering where to are some questions you can ask yourself to get to your ideal career:

  1. What is your ideal work arrangement (schedule/location)?
  2. What is your ideal type of work (i.e. what would get you excited to go to work)?
  3. What would your ideal career mentorship look like?
  4. What is your ideal work environment look like?
  5. What is your ideal level of control/responsibility over the above four aspects of your career?

And if you need some more inspiration - here are some pictures of young lawyers at the July 22, 2013 event getting some clarity around their ideal careers!









DREAM it... to LIVE it.

Here's to us all creating lives that we LOVE!



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Young Lawyers Loving Life Recap

dwell-in-possibility-tan Image credit

What a BIG WEEK! Between hosting TYS's Young Lawyers Loving Life on Monday night, and trying up a million loose ends at work and home before leaving on vacation back to Manitoba last night for one of my oldest and dearest friend's weddings this weekend, I've barely had time to breathe...and its been AMAZING! 

For those of you who made it out Monday night to TYS' Young Lawyers Loving Life Event, THANK YOU for taking the time. It is because of each of you that the event was such a success. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you all and to have a REAL discussion on few of these topics that I am passionate about!

For those of you who sent your regrets, not to fear - there will be more events to come! Check out the events page which I will be shortly updating, and listing the info for the NEXT ONE!!!

And in case you're curious, here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS...

We got a little clarity one-on-one in the SPEED-NETWORKING session about our IDEAL LIFE within this profession...

We SHARED our ideals and had an OPEN DISCUSSION about the BARRIERS we could see between us and our ideals...


We MIXED and mingled with drinks and snacks and SHARED some laughs...

We caught up with old FRIENDS and made a few new ones...

And most importantly, in my eyes at least, we came TOGETHER as a group and turned our minds to POSSIBILITY!


Image credit

It was a great night overall! There was a buzz about the room... and I am so EXCITED for the next one!



p.s. An extra thank you to each of you who came early and stayed late - all of the help  I received with set up, take down, brainstorming ideas, and organization made the event go off without a hitch!

MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE to you all!! Pictures and video to follow!