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The pain of pretending to be someone other than who we really are is destroying the world. 

Humanity is currently running up a staircase that is crumbling. We have been for some time. We have seen it crumbling behind us. It has for many years simply been too far away for us to really feel the cost. Now we can see the impact of our running so fast to get somewhere that does not exist. The staircase is crumbling faster than we can build the next stair. We are becoming exhausted. So is the world. 

We can see the impact on the Earth. We can feel the impact on our own health. Obesity. Cancer. Mental health issues. Refugee crisis. Hate crimes. Terrorism. Divisiveness. Pain. The rate at which we consume the resources of the Earth is not sustainable. 

We can see a crash approaching more and more quickly.

As the stair case crumbles behind us, those of us who are present can feel it. Some of us have run out of steam. Some of us have jumped off the staircase into the unknown because we realize that there is no pending utopia. We will not conquer the world with technology. We will not solve hunger and violence with force. Some of us still believe that we will and are running even harder to fight the next war or to find that magical cure. And some of us are simply trying to stay so busy we can ignore the whole thing.

I am not saying our current strategies serve no purpose. I am simply acknowledging that our reliance on technology and force and the intellect of the human mind to solve all of the world’s problems is a simplistic approach that by itself cannot work.

Our approach to the pain in the world today requires wholeness.

It requires balance. It requires more feminine qualities of nurturing and receiving and allowing to add to the masculine go and push and fix. The global transformation mirrors the personal one. Until we can rewrite the stories in our own lives of how we see ourselves and how we see each other, we cannot make a sustainable change in the world. Every next solution will simply be a stop gap: a temporary fix. Like a band-aid on a bullet wound it will not last, no matter how clever.


Now is the time for transformation, not fixing.

It is time to re-write the stories that run us at our core. It is time for healing. It is time to remember who we really are.

It is time for a more beautiful world.



The impact on the world when we begin to live from a place of inner peace in alignment with our soul will be incredible. When we tune into our bodies and our own truth, we begin to feel nourished in a deeper way. We feel peaceful. We no longer need our addictions and our coping mechanisms.

When we let go of coping mechanisms, we let go of a lot of the consumption that is destroying our world. We begin to crave healthier food. We become healthier. We do not use the health care system as much. We find we have the greatest resource for healing and health within us: honouring our own truth.

Because we are more connected with ourselves, we begin to connect more deeply with others and nature as well. We develop more meaningful, soulful relationships. We find that hurting others hurts ourselves. And that hurting the earth hurts us all.

We begin to long for a more intimate connection with nature and are willing to create time to explore it. We increasingly appreciate the beauty and power of the natural world like we did when we were children. And we begin to feel a fierce protection of the Earth – we reconnect with its sacredness. We feel grateful for all it provides. We become more aware of our impact on the environment and no longer feel in integrity consuming products that are not created sustainably. 

When we are connected to our own truth in our souls we are connected in to the truth of the world. It begins to flow through us. It becomes harder and harder to be violent with others or the world, when we are no longer being violent with ourselves. Our outer reality is a direct reflection of our inner reality. 

Inner peace creates peace in the world.

Living from a state of inner alignment also allows us to get in touch with our gifts and to share them more freely with the world. We find joy in our own unique way of creating, and we find purpose in expressing who we truly are in the world.

As each of us embark on a journey of healing and transforming ourselves to an inner state that is peaceful, I have no doubt the world will become a peaceful place. Violence and pain and scarcity simply will not be. Not because we will have fixed those problems with new technology or by winning a war, but because we will no longer need those coping mechanisms as a species.

We will no longer need to separate ourselves from others. We will no longer need to segregate and label and blame. We will no longer need to find an outlet for our pain. We will no longer need to find ways to numb the heartbreak of being someone other than who we really are. 

As we begin to live in harmony with ourselves, we begin to live in harmony with others, and we begin to live in harmony with the world.

The kind of world peace we imagine only in our wildest dreams is what is possible when we begin living the story of our soul.




Write your broken, she whispered.
And I did.
I wrote it everywhere.

As I walked, as I spoke, as I slept, as I talked.
That was where broken lived.
I wrote it in words. They tore up the page.
I wrote it with tears as they streamed down my face.
I wrote it with spears; I wrote it with Grace.
I wrote it with love as I found deeper faith.
I opened my heart to hurts long past.
I found a wild place filled with broken glass.  
I let the pain flow. I let the hurt go. 

Write your broken, she said again.
And I did.
I wrote it everywhere.  

I wrote it with passion. I wrote it with flair.
I wrote it quietly as I sat down in prayer.
I wrote it with friends as I remembered how to laugh.
Broken became a friend too as time passed.
We began to walk together; a mismatched pair.
One head in the clouds; one bowed down in despair.
Though we lived in two very different worlds; we knew we were both needed in the story to be told.
So we wrote and we worked and we slept and we cried. And our pain began to flow in a beautiful tide; an ocean that ebbed and flowed with the passion in our eyes.
No more peaceful a space had we ever been.
This broken story became a place to begin.
And in this new tender state. We began to walk forward together and create.
To build a new life filled with every human thing; wondering how we could ever have wanted to experience only a fraction of these things.   

Write your broken, she whispered again.
And I did.
I wrote it everywhere.

I wrote the story of a girl who knows it is time.
Time to play, time to love, time to cry. Time to shine.
Time to write this new story with all of her soul.
Time to write broken into a miracle of a beautiful new world. 

Write your broken, she laughed.
And I did.
I wrote it everywhere.

Broken open and alive. 


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