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I am ME

Yesterday I watched the TED Talk by spoken word poet Sarah Kay called “If I should have a daughter…”. It is beautiful and reminded me how much I love poetry. It also inspired me to try something different. Not formal poetry, but something more poetic than my usual posts. I decided to just write whatever comes to mind. No purpose. No predetermined message or theme. Just let the words flow…And it felt great. I hope you like it.

I am me

It’s Saturday, September 9, 2013. I can see the sun through my blinds. It’s enticing. I am visualizing myself in its rays, surrounded by light. I’m thinking, it would be wonderful to be those rays…to just give and be carefree all day... to bring light to the darkest of places.

I am ME.

My insides have been shouting to dead air. The message stifled. Pushed aside for tomorrow. When the doing is done. I’m opening up to the rays. They are reaching my thoughts. Dark places of the mind that refuse to let go.  It’s clear.  Today I’m listening. I’m going to be. I’m going to share. I’m letting go of perfection. I can hear.

I am ME.

I can SEE myself. All of her. Her dreams. Her fears. Her needs. I’m can see who she is, where she wants to go, and how she wants to share herself with the world. I see her strengths, her brilliance. I believe in her. I’m deciding to BE her with all of my being.

I’m am holding with compassion those parts of her that resist, those parts of her that fear change, fear letting go. I’m SEEING all of her and BEING all of her. Loving her imperfections. Loving her insecurities. Loving the part of her that feels inadequate. Enveloping all of her with a kind hand.

I’m am SEEN.

I am ME.

I am not a fraud. Frauds have trap doors and sink holes, and seven different faces.

I am ME.

I have failed. I have been rejected. I have lied. I have hid. I have made excuses. I have been scared. I have lost. I have made mistakes. I have destroyed. I have wasted. I have cried. I have given up. I have compromised my principles. I have lived with regret. I have believed in impossible.

I have succeeded. I am loved and accepted. I speak my truth. I am open. I take responsibility. I have courage. I have won. I have apologized. I have created. I have been grateful. I have laughed so hard I have cried. I have gotten back up. I have stood for what I believe in. I have let go. I believe in possibility.

I am ME.

And that is ENOUGH.


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