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If you are going to quit, then quit.

quit, quitter If you are going to half way quit, then half way quit. And if you are going to change your mind, then change your mind. But however you do it, do it. Don't let it be done to you.

You know that thing that is not getting done. That thing that keeps getting put off. That thing you committed to, signed up for, or promised yourself you would do, don`t do, and then beat yourself up about.

Give yourself permission NOT to do it.

That's right. Choose to give up, quit.

Why set yourself up to fail day after day? Do you really like going to bed disappointed with yourself for not checking it off, or even making a small dent in that lingering to do?

If its not going to get done and you aren't willing to rearrange your schedule to make it get done. Just quit already.

Be bold. Bandy it about. "I'm quitting!" you might yell at the top of your lungs.

Take back the power of quitting from the circumstances that stole it. Its your life, don't let someone or something else quit at it for you.

Quitting doesn't have to mean losing or failure. When quitting is yours it can mean whatever you choose it to mean. Quitting can mean listening to your heart. Quitting can mean acceptance. Quitting can mean love. Quitting can mean courage. Quitting can mean fun.

So choose quitting with excitement! Choose it with curiosity. Choose it with peace. Choose it with that personal power you know you possess.

Last week I didn't write a blog post. I felt like a quitter. But I didn't really choose to be a quitter. I quit with resignation. I chose it to mean defeat. My arguments were convincing. I have a cold...I am tired...I am uninspired...I can't find the motivation...I have no choice I just can't write. I am weak. I am lazy. I am a Quitter.

What I refused to acknowledge at the time was what I really needed was sleep, tea, and a little self-love. And what my mind didn't say was, I choose to listen, acknowledge, and accept what I need. I choose sleep. I choose tea. I choose a little self love. I am courageous. I choose not to write a blog post. I CHOOSE TO BE A QUITTER.

But wouldn`t it have been amazing if I had. And if one day I quit writing blog posts completely, or quit anything else in my life, I hope I will choose to quit it with gusto, and love.

By taking back quitting, we double our choices and eliminate defeat. For every option we had before, the opposite is now available. And every option that would have been failure is now success.

So if you are ever going to give up on something, put something off, or change your mind, before making a list of "reasons why you have to" and "accepting defeat", look a little deeper, find the real reason why you want to or need to quit, acknowledge it, accept it, and give yourself permission to be a Quitter! 



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