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BE in the DO. Overcoming lack of motivation in a new way.

This week I’ve been struggling with what to write about. I looked at my to-do list on Thursday and it said "write inspiring blog post". It could be the perfect interview, the most inspiring story, or basically anything that would blow people away. Easy only had to be AMAZING. No pressure. I was frustrated because I didn't have it. I hadn't done the perfect interview, I hadn't researched an inspiring story, and I didn’t feel like I had material that would blow anyone away. I chastised myself for not having reached out to someone to interview, for not having scoured Twitter for the latest legal innovation news to share… and, as my mind said, “well why don’t you do that then”, I still did not do it. I wasn't motivated. Thursday came and went, and so did Friday…and then it was Saturday, and I still didn't have a good story. I started and restarted a couple of posts but didn't like them. So I scrapped them. I thought, maybe I won’t write a second post this week. I made excuses saying - I've been busier at work, I’ve been running more, I’ve been helping some of my closest friends get ready for their wedding next weekend – I’m just too busy. So I left it.

And then tonight as I was writing my maid of honor speech, I suddenly felt the urge to write more. I felt the urge to share. Actually I just felt alot. I felt excited. I felt grateful. I felt happy. I felt LOVE. So I’m writing.

I realised that I had made writing into a chore. Writing this blog is something I LOVE. But I wasn’t approaching it from a place of love. I was approaching it from a place of “have to”. I was approaching it as a means to an end, rather than an end in and of itself. And it was stifling my ability to write at all.

So tonight I’m writing from LOVE. And I’m writing about the importance of BEING in whatever you are DOING. You can call it awareness. You can call it presence. You can call it living in the moment. For me it means coming from LOVE. It means actually feeling and bringing love into what I am doing as I am doing it. It means offering a piece of myself in my work and being grateful for the opportunity to share. And its such an amazing place to BE.

Its funny, how life often gives you what you need just when you need it. As I look back on this week, I can point to some conversations, and some videos and articles that friends have shared with me, that helped remind me of the importance of BEING, and for that I am grateful. So I thought I would share with you all a few of the powerful and inspiring things that have been shared with me recently. And for fun, I've also added in a picture I've taken in my experiences in the past months that remind me of the importance of being, and of embodying the message in each link.


Spread happiness:


Be kind:


Have a big idea:


Challenge yourself:


Be grateful:


Start living NOW:

This week has once again strengthened my belief that nothing can make you happy. The secret is simply to BE happy. Now. Don’t wait for it. Don’t see happiness, love, gratitude or even living itself as a goal. If you do that, the things you are doing now become the things you have to do to get there. They become a chore and the life you are living becomes something to be endured until some future date when everything is perfect. Until some future date when you’ve done everything…and achieved everything…and acquired everything…and seen everything…and figured everything out...and…I’ll let you in on a secret...that future date never comes. What's more, lack of BEING can actually prevent you from being motivated to take action at all.

So instead just BE. BE happy. BE kind. BE grateful. BE now.

Live from LOVE and a life you LOVE will come to you.