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Young Lawyers Loving Life Recap

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What a BIG WEEK! Between hosting TYS's Young Lawyers Loving Life on Monday night, and trying up a million loose ends at work and home before leaving on vacation back to Manitoba last night for one of my oldest and dearest friend's weddings this weekend, I've barely had time to breathe...and its been AMAZING! 

For those of you who made it out Monday night to TYS' Young Lawyers Loving Life Event, THANK YOU for taking the time. It is because of each of you that the event was such a success. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you all and to have a REAL discussion on few of these topics that I am passionate about!

For those of you who sent your regrets, not to fear - there will be more events to come! Check out the events page which I will be shortly updating, and listing the info for the NEXT ONE!!!

And in case you're curious, here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS...

We got a little clarity one-on-one in the SPEED-NETWORKING session about our IDEAL LIFE within this profession...

We SHARED our ideals and had an OPEN DISCUSSION about the BARRIERS we could see between us and our ideals...


We MIXED and mingled with drinks and snacks and SHARED some laughs...

We caught up with old FRIENDS and made a few new ones...

And most importantly, in my eyes at least, we came TOGETHER as a group and turned our minds to POSSIBILITY!


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It was a great night overall! There was a buzz about the room... and I am so EXCITED for the next one!



p.s. An extra thank you to each of you who came early and stayed late - all of the help  I received with set up, take down, brainstorming ideas, and organization made the event go off without a hitch!

MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE to you all!! Pictures and video to follow!