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Sept 18, 2013 Event Recap

dreams lights It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams. - Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

Everyone has dreams. Sometimes we just lose sight of them. Sometimes we actively suppress them. Sometimes we are just too busy to even take the time to figure out what they are.

I've been guilty of all three.

What I've learned is we just need a little space for dreams to grow. And to be surrounded by people who allow you that space - people who not only encourage you to let them grow, but actually believe that you can achieve even the craziest of dreams, and offer what they can to help you get there.

And that's what last night's TYS IDEAL Work Arrangement Event was all about.

dreams grow here

We started things off by getting clear on our IDEAL work arrangement. We met new people and shared our ideas and dreams for our ideal type of work, work schedule, and work environment. We brainstormed strategies for overcoming the barriers we saw to getting to our ideals.  Everyone came to the table with different challenges, and different ideals, and in the end it is those differences that enabled us to offer each other good advice and a different perspective.

In the second part of the event we heard from two amazing guest speakers: Michael McCubbin and Sarah Kalil.

Mike is, a young lawyer who started and continues to operate his own successful law practice The Law Offices of Michael McCubbin. He talked to us about why he decided to start up his own firm right after articling, what it all involved, and some of the challenges he faced. He spoke of the importance of knowing what you want, and creating a plan to get there. He offered practical advice to anyone thinking of going out on their own and after many well-answered questions the crowd was left in silent awe (seriously). If you want to learn more about Mike's story check out last week’s feature interview: Going Rogue.

Then Sarah spoke and livened the crowd with her amazing positivity. Sarah is former young lawyer turned leadership coach / digital media entrepreneur. She talked to us about her decision to follow her dreams out of the practice of law, and the challenges and excitement she's experienced along the way. She highlighted the importance of knowing your why (especially when your dreams involve getting outside your comfort zone) and put to the crowd some thought provoking questions. You can learn more about Sarah and all of the awesome things she is up to here -

The advice and inspiration from Mike and Sarah was a perfect transition into creating a plan to get to the IDEALS we had been dreaming about all night, and everyone was given some practical worksheets to take away so they could start putting their dreams into plans and actions.

Everyone was sharing and  talking excitedly. Relationships were formed, and something else too, hope.

I could see it happening everywhere. In every conversation, every thought, every smile. That's what I loved most about the night. We were allowing ourselves to dream. And by the end of the night I could see not only dreams, but unlimited POSSIBILITY.

So thank you to Sarah and Mike and to everyone who came out for making the night a great success!

And to all of you (and me included)...

do the impossible

Keep BELIEVING. Keep DREAMING. Keep seeking what you LOVE.



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Is it really as simple as a dream and a plan??

cants into cans dreams into plans So you reverse engineered your seemingly impossible IDEALS right down to the practical steps you can take tomorrow to get you on your way. You are waking up excited, taking action, checking things off your to do list, and feeling pretty AMAZING that you are actually on your way to what you once thought was impossible. You are on top of the world, in fact you are CREATING the world that you are climbing to the top of, and let's be honest, it doesn't get much better than that! Life is GREAT, anything is POSSIBLE.

So is that the answer then? Is it really as simple as dreaming up your IDEALS and creating a plan? If creating your IDEAL career and life was really as simple as dreaming it and making a reverse timeline to get to it, you say, wouldn't everyone already be LIVING it? Wouldn't we all be waking up each day to lives that we LOVE? Surely, there has to be more to it than that...

I agree with you and I disagree with you.

The dream and the plan are all you need to get you to the point of taking actions that will get you to your IDEAL.

The problem is...

in the way (rock)

There are things that can get in the way of action. 

What do I mean "get in the way"? I mean things that cause you to stop BELIEVING that an ideal life is possible. Things that cause you to lose the motivation to take the actions necessary to get there. Things that cause you to put your ideals back in the box under your bed where they had been collecting dust since the last thing got in the way.

The things that get in the way can be paralyzing, and they are powerful because the number and kind that affect you are only limited by your imagination. 

Defining "things" is not something that I intend to do. Nor do I pretend to have all the answers to overcoming every "thing" that might get in the way for every person. What I can offer is to share with you the things I have overcome and the things that still sometimes getting in the way for me in getting to my IDEAL, as well as what I have found, from talking about these issues with others, are the most common things that get in the way. 

In my next posts I will share with you some "things" that can get in the way, and some strategies for getting past them so that when they come up we can all continue onward, CREATING lives that we LOVE. it really as simple as a dream and a plan?

Maybe not quite. But add in a few strategies to get past the "things" that will try to get in your way of acting on your plan, and you will have set yourself on an unstoppable course to your IDEAL life.

unstoppable kid

Here's to being UNSTOPPABLE. 



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