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How to find your passions – one step at a time

passion ideal life meaning memorable average In my last post I shared with you what I believe are the 5 key ingredients to discovering that which you are passionate about...which is the first step to knowing your IDEALS...which is the first step to creating a life you LOVE...which is the only way to get up every day excited about life!

So today I am going to elaborate on the first few steps and offer some strategies that have worked for me in my own journey to discovering my ideals and creating a life that I absolutely love!

1.      How to get to your “breaking point”

Don’t worry, by “breaking point” I don’t mean “breakdown”. There’s no need to wait until the point of breakdown or some existential crisis to start finding your passions.

All you need is a hyper awareness of your dissatisfaction with the status quo (i.e. not knowing your passions) to the extent that you are ready to get a little uncomfortable and do something about it.

To help you do this I suggest making a list of all of the things you find dissatisfying about your current work and post it somewhere you can see every day. I know this sounds counter-productive to making yourself happy but it is a powerful motivator. Sometimes a little push is all we need to get to that point where we can say “That’s it, I can’t take it anymore! I only get one life and I will not waste any more time with mediocre!”

If you need some more motivation check out this TEDx by Larry Smith “Why you will fail to have a great career.” It is brilliant.

Or try posting up some of these quotes where you will see them every day.

2.     Believe it is Possible

For the longest time I believed that I didn’t have anything that I was passionate about. I thought it was only those lucky few who have true passions. The rest of us are stuck with mediocre, or maybe, on a good day, alright. But as convinced as I was that I didn’t have passions, I have discovered that I was dead wrong. I often now scare myself with just how passionate I am about the things I do every day.

The belief that it is possible to discover things you are passionate about will often come hand in hand with your breaking point. And that is because when we hit that point we need to believe we will be able to discover our passions in order to have some hope that there is an alternative to the day to day drone we are living in.

But even if you hit your breaking point and are still skeptical like I was, try simply, pretending that you believe. Start out be telling yourself maybe, just maybe, it is possible, even if deep down you think it’s a load of crap. Keep repeating the message over and over, and you will find, as you start asking yourself some good questions, that the message no longer falls on deaf ears.

So have faith. BELIEVE. You do have passions, and you can discover them. And if you don`t believe quite yet, start out by pretending you do.

3.     Ask Yourself Some Good Questions

This one is pretty self-evident.

As lawyers we can appreciate the power of a good question in understanding the evidence or eliciting an admission that we need. The same thing applies to your own life. If you ask yourself the right questions, the answers you get will be exactly what you are seeking – in this case, an awareness of what you are passionate about.

The more difficult aspect of this step is figuring out what those good questions are. That is why I am dedicating my entire next post to sharing with you the questions that have helped me the most in discovering my passions.

Points 4 and 5 I will tackle after sharing with you those questions, and for now I suggest you start at the beginning and see if you have hit your breaking point. And if you have, and if you are truly ready to discover the things that will make you come alive, then don’t forget to check back for some questions to help you get started on your way.

Best of luck!



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