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LAW LOVE STORIES Day 4: RethinkLaw

Today is Sunday and its BEAUTIFUL in Vancouver, and so I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and head straight back outside to continue enjoying the SUNSHINE!   I also thought I’d give you the opportunity to hear about change in the legal profession from other lawyers' and change-makers' perspectives rather than only listening to me (as entertaining as I might be!).

So enter RethinkLaw – an initiative by Axiom in the US that “is on a mission to provoke thought and drive innovation in the business of law—leading to greater efficiency and positive change for the benefit of clients, firms and lawyers alike.

What RethinkLaw’s website says: “Axiom created RethinkLaw to be an impartial home for innovative thinking and discussion, a place to work out what our industry wants to look like when it grows up. It is our plan to be hands off curators of a much needed discussion, and promoters of innovative thinking, rather than pushing our own agenda.”

To get a quick idea of what RethinkLaw is all about (and some interesting stats on the history of the legal profession in the US) watch this 3 minute video!

And that’s it from me – I invite you to check out the discussion going on at RethinkLaw – read some of the articles written by lawyers and change-makers, check out some of the awesome events they are hosting/have hosted, and GET INSPIRED.

And so, this concludes DAY 4 of TYS’ LAW LOVE STORIES series. Hope you are all having an AMAZING weekend! Check back tomorrow for more examples of lawyers creating and sharing a LIFE they LOVE in LAW.