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A Minute of Inspiration

inspired, inspiring, inspire, love, life, passion, excited Last night I was out at a Liberal Party of Canada fundraiser celebration of Hedy Fry's 20th anniversary of her election as MP for Vancouver Centre. I had never been to a Liberal Party event before and didn't really know what to expect. Honestly, I decided to go mainly to support my boyfriend, who is an active member, and to see what it was all about. I tried to clear my mind of all judgments and expectations (like it would be stuffy...and boring... and I wouldn't know anyone...). And I must have succeeded because this is what happened.

I was inspired.

Hedy Fry is an amazing woman who rightly deserves to be celebrated.

I was inspired by her passion and her love of life that shone through across the room. And I was blown away by the dedication she had inspired in the few hundred people who had gathered in her honour, and no doubt in thousands more who could only attend in spirit.

The night itself was great, with enjoyable music and entertainment. Yet for me, it served as a much more powerful reminder.

I was reminded that for anything great to happen we must allow ourselves to be inspired and we must act on that inspiration. Regardless of how fearful we are of putting ourselves out there, we must lean into it.

So today I am going to share with you the words that I was inspired to write when I got home last night.  And they are this:

All it takes is a minute of inspiration. An idea. I stroke of passion, a burst of confidence, of hope. The belief that you really can make a difference. That your actions really do matter. You matter.

What you do really does matter.

Of course it does.

We don't often realize the power of an idea, a word, a laugh, a smile, a feeling.

These moments are all around us if only we allowed ourselves to be moved by them. To be open. To be vulnerable. To feel a little more passionately.

Allow yourself to believe in what you believe in. Allow yourself to hope for what you hope for.

If you love something truly love it. If you love someone truly love them. That's where true courage lies. That's where true power lies.

In you.

Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to believe. Allow yourself to lean into the amazingness of being human because that's the only way anything meaningful happens.

That's the only way meaningful work happens. The only way meaningful connection happens. The only way meaningful change happens.

It's the only way you will contribute to this world all that you have to offer. And it's the only way you will love each moment of each day that you are given.

Don't try and tell me that what I'm saying doesn't apply to lawyers. Of course it does. Think about the last time you felt strongly about something. The last time you were excited. Passionate.

Think about the last time you were unstoppable.

Allow yourself to consider it. Allow yourself to believe in it.  Just for a moment.

Lawyers can live amazing lives.

Each of us can make a difference. And together we can create the changes we only catch a glimpse of in our wildest dreams.

Together we can create it. Together we can become, the future of our profession.

All it takes is a minute of inspiration.



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