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An experience of enough

I was walking around and around the labyrinth, rhythmically, one foot following the other. I was reaching for something beyond my grasp, some secret truth or untapped wisdom, a moment of clarity. Thoughts rushed through my head a million miles a second. What was my life all about? What did it mean to me? Wasn’t this labyrinth supposed to bring peace and tranquility? Why was my mind louder than ever? And why wasn’t I getting any clarity? It was mid afternoon and I was in a beautiful clearing with the sun beaming down on me, the grass brushing at my ankles, and the trees whispering in the wind, and I could not for the life of me get my mind to shut up! I was being my Type A self and stressing about not being able to conjure up some magic ‘aha’ moment. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to express my ‘best story’. I was on Bowen Island at a workshop called Live Your Best Story, facilitated by the inspiring Tina Overbury. Tina had suggested we think about what our best story meant to each of us, and had given us three thoughts to float around in our heads – do you want to live it, give it, or be it…?

I couldn’t figure it out. What if I chose the wrong answer? What if I ‘lived’ it but then I had nothing to ‘give’? And didn’t I also want to ‘be’ it? Could I have them all? Why wouldn’t the answer just come to me? If it was my story shouldn’t I just know? I was actually stressing out about not being able to find the perfect answer. (Which is a little bit funny considering the purpose of this blog.)

About half way through the labyrinth the truth of this contradiction hit me. I stopped walking for a second. I was trying to force an answer. I was placing expectations on myself to figure out life; to play it all out in my head; to make it certain. What if I didn’t have an answer? What if that was ok? What if just being here right now was enough?

And suddenly it was. It was enough. I was there. Right there. Really there. My mind quieted its rumble. My feet connected with the ground and the tension lifted from my shoulders. The trees caressed me as I passed. I breathed. There was space.

And slowly, the whispering breeze reached me. “Be”, it said. “Just be.”


The word ‘be’ is such a great word to describe my experience of the Live Your Best Story workshop. The entire day exuded an aliveness, a connectedness. An openness was created where it was simply ok to be.  Nothing more was needed. Being was enough. I was enough.

It was a wonderful experience.

Exactly what I was searching for found me, the moment I allowed it to be.

We are all enough. So just BE.