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Check out Jordan Furlong: Another AWESOME Canadian expert on the FUTURE of LAW!

For those of you struggling to focus at work and looking for a dose of Friday inspiration (and entertainment) are in LUCK! Today I am revealing another of my sources for information on legal innovation! (for more sources see my previous post on Mitch Kowalski) I am again writing about a lawyer/writer/speaker, who can provide you just the escape you need from the document review in front of you...(and without the guilt you would feel if you instead spent the hour surfing facebook!) Jordan Furlong is an Ottawa-based lawyer, speaker, and consultant who has an informative and entertaining blog at You can read his bio here.

Here are a few examples of his articles that I`ve liked:

What do lawyers sell? - June 26, 2013

- Transforming Bar Associations - July 11, 2013

Vulture Culture - January 22, 2013

- The lawyer vs. the law firm - December 19, 2012

- How to kill a law firm - August 12, 2010 ... And to get a taste...

How do you kill a law firm? Assuming the firm doesn’t die of natural causes or commit suicide, you identify its weaknesses and you exploit them mercilessly, over and over again, until the firm is helpless to defend itself or its client base. Believe me when I say that as targets go, most law firms present themselves as fat, immobile, complacent victims-in-waiting. It’s not too late to prepare defences, and it’s not impossible, no matter how it might seem from the inside, to take the necessary, disruptive-innovation steps to turn your firm into the kind of world-beating champion your rivals hope to become. But time is running very short. Jack Welch took two days to change his mind. How long will it take you?

I also personally appreciate his witty comments and his outspoken nature on CHANGE that is necessary to the delivery of legal EDUCATION. (e.g. see How to kill (or save) a law school)

And recently, he`s put up an new survey: Your Future Law Survival Kit Quiz! Which is AWESOME and so relevant. Here`s the scenario:

``You’re stranded in a future legal market, vast and unfamiliar, and you need to launch a new legal career. Luckily, you get to start off with several skills and talents — but it’s a limited supply, and you’ll need to choose carefully...`` 

What are the attributes that future lawyers will require to survive these dangerous times? Which ones will help you most?...Take the quiz and see your results! Its open until August 12.

He`s also published an e-book on these issues called Evolutionary Road, (co-created with Attorney At Work), which is about the transformation and development of the future legal marketplace and what firms can do to survive. Learn more here.

So while I hope I haven`t (completely) derailed you from the boxes of documents in front of you - I hope I have tweaked your curiosity, and that you will spend a little time reading some of Jordan`s work. Stay there for too long and I will bet you will find it hard to leave, or an least hard to leave without being INSPIRED to look at this profession, its future, and how you can create your life within it...just a little bit differently.

Here`s to each of us creating a LIFE we LOVE!