Warrior For Love: A Mission to End All Violence in The World

Below is my first video blog post as a Warrior for Love. In it I share what I have discovered to be the mission I have been entrusted with in this life.

And that is to stand for the possibility of a world without war, violence or destruction of any kind - whether personal, interpersonal or global - and, one where every human soul is lit up with desire and fully expressed.  My mission terrifies me, and I have tried very hard to resist it, but every time I do it comes back stronger.

I made today's video, standing in the birthplace of my surrender to my mission. In it I share how I came to know my mission and why I believe it is within each of our power to end all violence in the world and live a fulfilling life. As it turns out, the way to do both is the same.

Thank you for joining me.