Wholeness Challenge Day 7

We all have masks, although we don't like to admit it. For the longest time wearing the right mask make people like me was my strategy to do life. So I got pretty good at it figuring out what people wanted and transforming myself into it. 

I used to beat myself up for being less than genuine, but I now have a lot of compassion for the part of myself that was simply trying to get love from others in the best way she knew how. I also now see how that part of myself is one of my biggest gifts as a coach, as I am able to really see what is going on for others and instead of becoming it, reflect it back to them so they can create it themselves. 

Today for my Wholeness Challenge I decided I would use that part of me to put on a little performance and re-create some of the earlier days of my challenge in "performance mode".

Its a pretty good show. See if you can tell the difference.