Wholeness Challenge Day 2: Feeling the Feelings. Grief and frustration.

So its Day 2 of my challenge to myself to live, publicly, my philosophy. Day 1 you saw me eat my emotions in the form of an entire tub of ice cream.  Day 2 you get to see me feel the feelings I have been feeling lately that underlie that.

My romantic relationship is on rocky ground. It may not survive and if it does it will look different. Its really painful to think about the possibility that it won't. I know where we are is perfect, and in my rational self aware moments I would not have it any other way.  

But there are those moments when the feeling is too much (see yesterday's ice cream episode). There are also moments when I get super frustrated and just want everything to be back to nice and comfortable and ok. And there are moments when my heart swells with love and breaks open over the loss. 

Today, you get to see some of that frustration and grief.

With love,


*Warning: this video contains parts of being human that may make you uncomfortable