When will I get there?

Have you ever had the feeling like you never quite get where you are going? Or even when you do, it is never quite as fulfilling as you imagined? And there is another destination still just out of reach? This poem is about that striving. The search for an answer; for the thing to make us whole.

When will I get there?

I have wanted a destination; the satisfaction of completing a thing, of finding the one, and of getting there.

I have longed for the knowing of a freedom from drudgery and drugs and drifting.

In the confusion of whats and hows and whens I have shut down my dying dreams and desires.

I have searched long hours through misty mind maps for the one that will reveal the way forward.

I have been beaten bruised and branded by both the times I arrived and the times I did not.

After the celebration, the arrival itself always left me with the same strange question: when will I get there?

Stranger still, sitting softly I found the answer to when will I get there is never and now.

© Danielle Rondeau 2015

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