Wild Love

Self love is something much more mysterious than that. It is an inner glow or atmosphere of warmth that gradually begins to infuse you as you learn to say yes to yourself as you are, in this very moment. - John Welwood, Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships

Wild Love

I thought I knew wild love.

Whispers of sweet 
tumbling bodies 
and kisses down 
meadowed hills and 
clothes strewn 
beaches at dusk.

I have had those times.

They were glorious 
and there was love 
there, and I spent 
so much time trying 
to get there 
when I was not.

A part of me was not free.

Today I was myself 
walking the sidewalk 
of a busy street 
and it occurred to me 
to allow myself 
my experience.

I experienced my experience.

The tyranny 
of words woven
around my world 
for a moment lifted 
and I was one 
with the city street air.

Liberated I kept walking.

I thought this is 
how the bright red 
peonies must feel 
as they bloom 
lusciously in midday.

Radiant and unbridled.

A simple practice 
of saying yes 
to myself. This is 
how wild love is 
meant to go.

No wilder love there is.

© Danielle Rondeau 2015

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