Why Self Hate is Not Such a Bad Thing

Today's episode is a little bit controversial. It is about self hate and why I believe we need to stop trying so hard to get rid of it. 

"The self help industry tells you [and we tell ourselves]... that if only you loved yourself fully you would allow yourself to put yourself out there, to take risks; if you really thought you were enough you wouldn't be scared, you would have the courage to be a fool, to risk other people's opinions of you being negative. And if only you loved yourself you would stop waiting, stop putting off for tomorrow the wonderful beautiful perfect, fulfilling life that is yours to have forever. There's a certain if, then about it all. A certain if only...

...there's nothing wrong with all of that. I think its definitely helpful to believe in yourself and to work on limiting beliefs. But I think there's something missing from that picture that makes it impossible to get what you are actually looking for: that sense of love, safety, fulfillment, okayness. That sense that everything is okay..."

My explanation is in the video. I hope you enjoy!

From my journey to yours, with love,


Danielle RondeauComment