What it Really Means to Love Yourself

I am back from my hiatus and I am finding I have lots to share. I am launching what I am calling the Danielle Show... where I will speak my truth on life, love and saving the world. I plan on making a new video weekly-ish. An audio version will also be available podcast style on my soundcloud page once I figure out how to do the conversion.

I will mostly discuss different issues that are important to me and share things I have learned on my journey... I might also share a poem, interview someone, sing, dance, eat, throw a tantrum...really anything goes.

I'm starting off with the basics, and, as is my style, a challenge. For the next week I will post one video every day, from my journey to yours, with love. Here is a little snippet from number one...

"All of the self love practices and projects or strategies all they do is reinforce the fundamental lack, the fundamental idea that there is a problem to solve in the first place, and that... you could solve it. I think both of those things are just not true and really unhelpful...

For me self love is not trying to love yourself more, or trying to finally believe that you are enough, but actually dropping the trying and allowing yourself the experience of life in this moment, and in this moment, and this moment and this moment, and learning to allow the truth of your experience more deeply in this moment. Stripping away the conditions of what you allow yourself..."

Hope you enjoy!



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