Three Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday Season!

Christmas In this season of giving we often focus on buying gifts and being generous with our love and time for others. While I love to give to others and also to hear about all of the love people are sharing with those closest in their life, it is easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted by all the giving. There is a truth that is often forgotten around this time of year, and that is...

You can only love others as much as you love yourself.

So here is my invitation to you to give yourself the love you deserve this holiday season!

The video is worth it I promise (!!) but in case you would rather read than listen - here are the three gifts I offer you to offer yourself:

1. Self compassion - especially in those moments when you may have had an extra helping of dinner or dessert or one festive drink too many. In those moments where you have a tendency to beat yourself up - give yourself some good old fashioned LOVE. (If you take nothing else on, please do this one!)

2. Give yourself the gift of personal growth and transformation in 2015 - check out the amazing transformational program I took this year Accomplish Coaching ( or take me up on a free one hour coaching session! Contact me for details on either! You deserve to love yourself and live your life fully! Start NOW!!!

3. If food is your issue, check out the incredible work of one of my coaching clients -Shannon Lagasse from Hunger for Happiness. She offers all kinds of tools, information and services on body love, and reinventing your relationship with food. Check out her website - - or get in touch with her to connect! Not only is she wise, she is hilarious, generous and incredibly kind.

This holiday give to yourself as generously you give to others. More self love results in more LOVE. Period.

Love and Happy Holidays to you all!



p.s. Credit to me for the photo of the tree. Credit to my brother for picking out such a beautiful Christmas tree for my family this year. Credit to my parents for their beautiful home. to my incredible sister for the freaking awesome Christmas sweater I am wearing in the video!