Suits & Capes: Week One of TYS 10 day Spoken Word Poetry Challenge

August 18 - 29, 2014, Suits & Capes Poetry Challenge!

I gave myself a challenge to publish one spoken word poem each weekday for two weeks on TYS YouTube Channel!

My start date was last Monday and I was incredibly nervous (and a little excited that I would get to wear a cape).

I now sit at half time. Five days down, five to go. And its time to breakdown the plays.

I can't say its been all touchdowns and slam dunks, but there have been a few good steals and checks into the boards (In case you were questioning, I do know those are all from different sports). It has been a lot of learning and a lot of fun.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...its time for the highlights reel!

Monday - I kicked off the first quarter with a blast straight from the heart and a question that sent everyone running. For the instant replay click here:

Tuesday I darted and danced down so many paths the other guys never saw me coming. You don't want to miss this one - catch the excitement here:

I admit I got a little carried away with all that running around, and so, on Wednesday, I closed out the first quarter and started the second solid as a tree, with a major comeback play that got me grounded. Watch below to steal my strategy:

Thursday required all my courage as I forged on through the pain of an old injury. For the guts and gore click here:

Not to worry, my strength carried me through, and Friday, I ended the first half wearing my battle scars with pride. Check out the final blows before half time:

AND...there are five more days to come!

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Even I don't know what's in store, but it is sure to be exciting.

Until tomorrow!