A Celebration, a Challenge, and a Gift.

launched First to CELEBRATE!!

My new site is up! Woooooooooo! Yeah!

This has been a long time coming. I am so excited to get this launch post out to you, and yet there is still more I want to do with this revamp. This site is not a finished product. It has not reached a perfect state.

Those kinds of thoughts used to be the ones that prevented me from putting anything out there ever. Now I can see that the messiness is the beauty of it. I have no doubt there will be more twists and turns and jumps and jags and EXPLOSIONS along the way. Kinda like life, this site oozes unpredictable beauty.

So despite the rough edges, TYS is LIVE. Open for all to see.

You can now read about what reinvented TYS is all about HERE.

You can read what I’m all about HERE.

You can check out what I’m up to HERE and HERE.

You can keep informed about what I’m up to (and get entered into a draw!! – see below) by signing up for TYS newsletter (top right corner above!).

AND you can join me at TYS inaugural reinvention EVENT: Problem to Possibility, on Tuesday September 16, 2014! More about that HERE.

And now…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…for the Challenge!

Next Monday, August, 18, 2014 I will be taking on a new and terrifying challenge, in service of TYS’s Mission: 10 days of spoken word poetry!

Starting Monday I will publish one spoken work poem each weekday morning for two weeks on TYS YouTube Channel!

That’s 10 days of me shaking in my boots as I bare my poetic talents for all to see.

Click HERE to check out my test run and get a sneak preview of what’s in store:

And last, but not least, my GIFT to you.

I am giving away one month of free life coaching!

The winner will be drawn at TYS’s Event: Problem to Possibility, on September 16, 2014.

Every person who signs up for my newsletter by September 8, 2014 will get entered into the draw. You don’t need to be in attendance at the event to win.

That’s one month (four coaching sessions) dedicated to you opening up new possibilities in your life and taking actions to create a life that you LOVE.

Sign up for my newsletter above and be entered to win!

That’s all for now. I will be back next Monday, and until then I will be hard core training, like THIS

Stay tuned.