The One Hour Blog

name-the-rabbit-in-alice-in-wonderland Experiment time!!

I have one hour.

I sat down to blog and am stuck. I have so many thoughts running through my head and I don’t know which one to write about. They are all jumbling together. I am analyzing them. What should I write? Which way to go?

And my page is still blank.

I have one hour.

I am setting myself a challenge of writing whatever comes up for an hour. No editing, no organizing or re-organizing. No trying to make sense of the jumble. Just whatever flows out of me, all of it on the paper, for one hour.

As soon as I gave myself the game, the words started flowing. I was no longer stuck. And now I sit 4 minutes in with 131 words. Funny how that works.

I put the pressure on and took it off all at the same time, and then it was easy.

Here’s what I mean. The pressure I felt before to write something substantial, something valuable, something with profound meaning, something engaging, something inspirational. It is now all gone. All I have is an hour. If I write crap, I write crap. I don’t want to write crap. I hope I don’t I will still try my best not to as I type madly for an hour, but there are no expectations. No need for the result to be a certain way.

But I added pressure too. Time pressure. Maybe that’s the magic formula. Its now only a game. Of course there are rules – I have 60 minutes and no more and I will post whatever is the result – but the outcome is no longer the object. I’m fully engaged in the game.  I’m striving to win, but the outcome will be as it will be.

Thirteen minutes. 305 words.

I am almost through reading a book on this topic recently. It is called The Last Word on Power, by Tracy Goss. It is blowing my mind. It was written for people who want to do the impossible. Reinvent something. Change the world. It speaks to me.

I want to reinvent the culture of the legal profession. That seems impossible.

The book also made me realize that I focus all the time on outcome and that this is why what I want is impossible. Because outcome is just interpretation. How can I know what the outcome will be unless its something I’ve done before? And if its something I’ve done before its not something I think is impossible. Therefore, I will never do impossible things focusing on outcome.

Outcome is just interpretation. Everything just is. It means nothing. It only means something if we interpret it a certain way and assign meaning to it.

What if life itself is just interpretation. What if it has no meaning other than that which I ascribe to it, which is my story, which ultimately is my interpretation. Which is meaningless.

For example, every single person will have different ideas about what is possible and impossible in the world, and for them personally. Every person will have different ideas about what the outcome of an action will be.

25 minutes. 531 words.

In the end we will all end up face up in the ground with someone shoveling dirt on our faces. And when this happens, we will be just as satisfied and dissatisfied as we are. The most powerful truth from the book. Things will be as they will be. That’s it. No meaning. Life is meaningless.

Sounds depressing doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. At first. Then the book blew my mind again. That’s also my interpretation. That life has no meaning is depressing is totally an interpretation. Not a fact. What if I said, that life has no meaning is liberating? Or terrifying? All interpretation.

Instead what if life just is meaningless? That’s it. No meaning.

There would be no striving for meaning. No striving for fulfillment. No striving to succeed. No striving for the way that things “should be”. There would be no striving at all because there would be no place to get to…

Maybe. But what if, like this blog post, life was a game? I’m striving pretty hard right now to win.

33 minutes. 713 words.

There’s no place to get to. There’s no outcome that must be achieved. There’s only a game, and I’ve created it. I’ve thrown the cautious “right way” to the wind. And I’m having a blast.

Why not with life?

So I’ve been thinking, what if I not only lived life like I was playing a game, but actually wrote the rules of my own?

I want to create impossible things and the way I’m going about doing it just won’t work. I will never know the outcome. It will never be certain. It will only be as it will be. And if I continue with my current strategy I will only get the predictable results. Slow predictable improvement within a box with a lid.

I will never create anything impossible unless I truly let go of attachment to knowing and predicting the outcome. I need to write the rules of a new game.

44 minutes. 870 words.

Tracy Goss gives a starting point. Declarations.

I declare the possibility that what is possible is what I say is possible.

I declare this possibility: Who I am is the stand I take.

I take this stand: There is no such thing as right or wrong and no fixed way that things should or shouldn’t be.

So far my game is a declaration and a stand.

50 minutes. 940 words.

I declare the possibility of being a stand for the reinvention of the culture of the legal profession.

I stand for the possibility of transforming the culture of the legal profession to one of possibility.

I stand for the possibility of lawyers everywhere living lives that they LOVE.

I stand for the greatness of lawyers as human beings.

I stand for the possibility of lawyer reinvention.

Who I am is the stand I take.

The outcome matters not.

It will be as it will be.

This is my game.

58 minutes. 1033 words.

Time to post this experiment.