All it takes.

possibility, condor, Peru Perspective. Over the past three weeks I’ve gained new perspective. Actually, it is more accurate to say I gained some altitude, found an old perspective, and stepped into it in a new light.

I’ve reconnected with possibility. I've gotten familiar with and declared what’s important to me. I’ve tapped into passion. I’ve made new commitments. I’ve recommitted to old commitments. I feel grounded. I feel lighter. I’ve created space. When I go back to my motto for the year – nothing is impossible – I can feel its truth. I am powerful. I am strength. There is no something that is missing. I am content.

Now you may be thinking of course I am content and feeling on top of the world, I have been on vacation for over three weeks. This is true. Peru is incredible. And my travels have been nothing short of breathtakingly amazing. But what I’ve created for myself is independent of my vacation. Sure I chose to dedicate some time to create it on vacation, but the most important realization I have had on this vacation is that my vacation did not cause the shift. I did.

As I mentioned, the shift is new yet old. I’ve visited this place before. The place anything is possible. I’ve even lived here for short times. I’ve cautiously, excitedly, and sometimes boldly, stepped into this place of unlimited possibility, and then as if welcome overstayed, I’ve gotten completely overwhelmed and returned to what’s realistic. There I would remain in realistic until I somehow I would find my way back to possibility once more. And so it went.

What I am present to now is choice. Not only that I have now chosen to return to possibility, but that I have always chosen. Every place I’ve found myself in is exactly where I’ve chosen to be. There is power in this realization. I now know that this place of possibility is always available. I can always choose it.

I can also choose to let fear guide my actions. I can choose to blame lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of opportunity, lack of money, lack of experience, and lack of ________. I can choose to stamp my feet and pound my pillow about the unfairness of the universe. I can choose to procrastinate and make excuses. I can choose to be a victim any time. I can choose to visit these places all I want.

I can choose to be any place. I’m driving.

Here it is in a nutshell. Possibility never goes anywhere. We do.

I do. I have. And I will go away again. But the road is always there. I can return at any time. I have always known this on some level. But what my new awareness has given me is a map with a birds eye view of the road to possibility and a full tank of gas. I can now find my way here at will.

When I chose to return to possibility this time, I realized something else. I’m starting to know this place. I can feel it is a part of me. Possibility is becoming less like a place I visit, and more like home.

My plan is to hang out here for a while. Really get to know the possibility that exists in not knowing and make some impossible things happen. And next time I leave this place I will not be frustrated, throw my hands up in the air, and threaten to give up...instead I will fill my tank, pull out my map, and set out on a road trip back.

All it takes is a choice.



Image credit: Yours Truly. Gazing up at a condor soaring overhead at Colca Canyon, Peru.