The easiest way to remember why you are awesome, regain confidence, and kick ass at life.

awesome life love create remember reflect The easiest way to remember why you are awesome, regain confidence, and kick ass at life?

Write it down.

Yes, that’s right, the easiest way to remember why you are awesome is simply to remind yourself why you are awesome.  And the best way to make that reminder stick is to write it down on a paper.

That seems unnecessary and uncomfortable, you say?

Well it may be uncomfortable at first, because we are taught to downplay why we are awesome. We are taught to minimize our strengths, dodge compliments, and shy away from self-praise. We don’t want others to think that we are self important, or, worse yet, that we think we are better than them.

So it may be a little uncomfortable to engage in self praise, but its definitely not unnecessary.

Its so easy to lose confidence when we shy away from our own brilliance. If we fail to see ourselves what we have to offer, we start to need more and more assurance from those around us that we are worthy.

So what I’m advocating for today is to step into your own brilliance. Give yourself a pat on the back. Acknowledge all you do that is amazing. Acknowledge who you are and why that is great. You don’t need to go around telling people why you are amazing all of the time (I admit that would get annoying pretty fast) – but do tell it to yourself.

And write it down.

Seriously. Put ink to paper. Write down all of the reasons why you are awesome. Then read it over and smile. Actually allow yourself to enjoy it just for a minute. 

There are a million reasons why you are awesome, and while it is nice to hear it from other people, its just as meaningful, and sometimes even more meaningful, to hear it from yourself.

The greatest discovery is realizing you love yourself, everything about yourself.

How will you ever be willing to give yourself and everything you have to offer to the world if you don't acknowledge how much value it could add to other's lives?

If you can't come up with reasons why you are awesome off the top of your head, think about what you did today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year. There are bound to be many examples of why you are pretty great.

If still nothing comes to mind, try looking back over the past few months of your life, with a few of these questions in mind:

  1. What have you accomplished?
  2. What problems have you solved?
  3. What goals did you meet?
  4. Did you volunteer or donate to a charity?
  5. Did you help a loved one?
  6. Where there times you made someone smile?
  7. Did you make someone laugh?
  8. Who did you help?
  9. What did you create?
  10. Did you give up something for someone else or something you believe in?
  11. Did you believe in something?
  12. Did you create a new good habit?
  13. Did you get rid of a old bad habit?
  14. Did you make a new friend?
  15. Did you give a gift?
  16. Did you make someone’s day?
  17. What are the qualities of character you most like about yourself?
  18. What are the physical characteristics you most like about yourself?
  19. Did you stand up for someone or something?
  20. What or who did you love?

Ask yourself any of the above questions, and any others you can think of. And when the answers come…Write them down!

It is getting close to year end, and to me it feels like a good time for reflection. Remembering all you do and all you have to offer is a great way to start. Let's all take a few moments and asking ourselves why we are awesome. Let’s get a little warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s find a little extra self love.

With self love comes self confidence.

With self love comes the ability to be selfless.

With self love comes the capacity to love, not only others, but every moment you are given, and every action you take.

So write down why you love yourself, and tuck it in your desk drawer, in the inside pocket of your jacket, or under the lining of your shoe.  And any time you feel a little down, a little incompetent, a little inadequate – pull that paper out - and let today’s exercise in self love buy tomorrow’s confidence.