I am ME

I am me When I sat down to write my morning intention a whole page filled up in my journal, so I decided to write it down here in case anyone else could use some extra self love and compassion.

I am ME.

I am imperfect.

I LOVE that I am imperfect because that is what makes me beautiful.

I will not deny myself my imperfections because to do so is to deny the true beauty of who I am.

I have needs.

I LOVE that I have needs because that is what makes me human.

I will be aware of my needs and choose to meet them. I will hold them with compassion and honour them because they are ME.

I have failed.

I LOVE that I make mistakes and have failed because that is what helps me grow.

I will take what I learn from each slip and each fall, hold on tight to it, and get back up because that is what makes ME stronger today than I was yesterday.

I feel pain.

I LOVE that I feel sadness and pain because it allows me to SEE true joy when it arrives and FEEL it fully.

I will not deny myself my negative emotions because it is in feeling them that I can understand and accept how I am relating to the world.

I LOVE all of the highs and lows and everything in between because it means that I am human. I am REAL.

I accept all of ME.

I LOVE all of ME.

I am ME.