Get to your IDEAL without knowing HOW

how 1 Last week I wrote about getting clear on your ideals and how important it is to know and articulate your dreams in order to CREATE a life you LOVE. This week we start on the process of getting there.

You may be thinking the ideals you visualized are too BIG, too crazy, or just plain impossible...maybe even starting to think about how to get there gives you anxiety. If so, that’s GREAT!

I’m not saying its great to stress yourself out thinking about how to get to your IDEAL life. What I’m saying is you don’t need to know how. At least not right now, and not all at once. All not knowing how means is that you picked goals that are outside your comfort zone, goals that are challenging, and that might require you to do things that you’ve never done before. And those are the best kind of goals! So don’t get caught up in the how…

In fact let’s keep how out of the equation for a little bit longer. There’s a great technique that can be used which will make the how a lot more manageable. Its what Tim Ferris calls “dreamlining”, what Krish so wisely advised in his comment to my last week’s post, and one of the first things my life coach recommended.

Work backwards from your ideals. Don’t concern yourself with how.

Start with the destination and mark yourself goal posts between your future IDEAL right back up to your present reality. Here’s an example.

Say one of your ideals is to have a great career mentor within your own law firm who inspires you, provides you with guidance, and that you feel comfortable turning to with any career related issue. That is the IDEAL that you’d like to have one year from today (August 14, 2014). Working backwards your goal could look something like this:

- June 30, 2014: Sought and received good career advice from a senior lawyer at my firm.

- April 30, 2014: Have had a conversation with a senior lawyer at my firm about my career development and trajectory and their career experiences.

- January 31, 2014: Raised the subject of career development with three different senior lawyers at the firm I work at.

- November 30, 2013: Have had at least five conversations with senior lawyers at my firm on subjects other than relating to files we are working on.

Now comes the how...but my suspicion is it no longer seems impossible. I would bet that you can probably figure out how to get to the November 30, 2013 goal post. You can probably even think of some things to do tomorrow that will get you on your way to achieving it. For example, you could make a list of the senior lawyers at your firm that you would be comfortable talking to and those whose career paths you find inspiring. You could make a list of questions you could ask or topics to discuss unrelated to any file you are working on with them. You could brainstorm opportunities for instigating such a conversation. If you have in mind a person already, you could actually initiate a conversation…and then you’d be down to only four more by November 30!

As you can see once you break it down, the how becomes MUCH more manageable.

So go right ahead and plan your ideal life without knowing how! And remember nothing is set in stone, so don`t get too caught up in perfecting your plan. Its your life – you can CREATE it and RE-CREATE it and RE-CREATE it again and again. There is no deadline for figuring it out; in fact, we likely never will. And that is something I am grateful for because life would be extremely boring if we did.

So here`s to each of us creating a LIFE we LOVE.





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