Back to basics: the foundation of stress elimination

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Last week, as part of TYS’ lawyers loving life event here in Vancouver, everyone participated in a “speed-networking” session on IDEALS. I was so inspired to see everyone engaged and discussing their ideals for different aspects of their careers that it got me thinking about my own ideals; my own values and needs; the things that are important to me and the things that I am passionate about. It reminded me of what started me on this journey in the first place – the feeling I had that something was missing and an overwhelming need to figure out what it was and fill the void.

I started reflecting over the past seven months and ended up pulling out the old note paper on which I had written down my thoughts on my ideals, back in January. Reading them made me smile. Though I still have challenges to overcome, and I know I always will, I realised I’ve come a long way. Many of the things that I wrote down as important to me, I’ve incorporated increasingly into my daily life, and to a much greater extent, the way I spend my time is consciously chosen and in line with my values and goals.

Reading my notes also made me think of one of my earlier blog posts, way back in March, when I wrote about the first step to eliminating stress. It was my post about making these notes on my IDEALS; about becoming consciously aware of what was important to me, and the extent to which the way I spent my time aligned with what was important to me. The exercise had such significance for me at the time. And what the speed networking on ideals and my recent reminiscing has made me realise, is just how crucial that step was, and continues to be.

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The exercise of getting clear on what's important to you and writing it down is simple, yet infinitely valuable. It’s the inspiration for your destination. It’s the bedrock upon which you can build your life’s highways, bridges, tunnels, dirt roads, and mountainside trails.  It’s the source for creativity needed to find your destination when there’s no clear road to get you there. And its not just something you can do once and then forget about it. It’s a sketch requiring never ending modifications, deletions, and additions. And it’s a great place to start or to go back to at any point in time. It’s the basic blueprint for your life.

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I think its time to go back to basics. So the next series of posts I am going to write will tell the story of the series of steps I have taken, and then employed again and again to eliminate some serious negative stress in my life, and to help fill the “something’s missing” with a sense of peace with what is and a passion for life like I never thought possible.

For now, I invite you all to take some time to start thinking about your IDEALS – in ALL aspects of your life. Keep an open mind. Write them down. And make it REAL. Next week we’ll delve into the real juicy stuff.

Here’s to us all filling our “something’s missing” with LIVES that we LOVE!