Real Life LAW LOVE STORIES Day 1: Axiom

I’m going to start with Axiom because its BIG (and growing like crazy) and its REALLY COOL. Some of you may have heard of Axiom, some of you may not, and some of you may have heard the word whispered in passing conversation but have no idea what its all about.  So here’s the basics.

Axiom is a 1000-person firm operating in 11 offices and 4 delivery centers across 3 continents!

It is a firm that has boldly redefined how legal services are provided. It prides itself on the fact that its lawyers are passionate people that have interests in the law as well as outside of the law.  Its website welcome address sums it up way better than I ever could…

“Welcome to our world. This isn’t your typical firm. Here we’ve created a place where lawyers are passionate about practicing law, not billing hours. A place where outside interests make us better lawyers. A place where people see time with their families as important as time in the boardroom. A place where lawyers tackle the legal problems of Fortune 100 companies with the same passion that pushed them through law school to being with. So go ahead and explore our world. But don’t be surprised when you feel the need to be a permanent resident.”

Axiom says “Professionals join because they’re looking for more control over their careers, diversity of work and a new way to practice.

The lawyers in THIS VIDEO definitely agree:


Axiom’s lawyers do not have typical web profiles. Their profiles exude passion and excitement for life, both in and out of the office. Here are a couple examples (complete with personal videos that give a real feel for what they’re all about!):

Jenny Liu (previously at Goldman Sachs)

Mark Field (previously at Jones Day; Intel Corp)

Olabisi Clinton (previously a Bay Street lawyer and at the Learning Company)

Ed Sheuermann (previously at Proskauer Rose; Polo)

Their excitement is contagious…and something that I wish for all of us in our own lives! If we can create lives that we love like these lawyers have, the legal profession would be a much happier and more effective place.

Besides employing what is likely the world’s largest team of LAWYERS LOVING LIFE, it has also found ways to provide quality legal services cheaper and more effectively, with the result that it is now serving many of the big players, including over half of the Fortune 100 Companies! Also - cool story – recently, the mega-giant Kraft retained Axiom for a large contract instead of the Biglaw firms that it traditionally hired. Check out the story here! Talk about shaking things up!

And so, this concludes DAY 1 of TYS’ LAW LOVE STORIES series.

Here’s to each of us creating and sharing a LIFE we LOVE in LAW.