Real life LAW LOVE STORIES; its time for some SERIOUS INSPIRATION.

Wallpaper by Firetongue – This post is about 2 things: a challenge for me...and more value for you!

Most of my blog posts so far have focused on personal development and the internal shifts in perspective necessary to BELIEVE in the POSSIBILITY of living a life you LOVE in order to CREATE it. And I 100% believe that loving yourself first and creating your life from a place of ENOUGH is fundamental. But I also know that a little inspiration and a view into the lives of those that are already LIVING the LIVES of POSSIBILITY that we wish for ourselves is immensely powerful. Knowing what has been done and what is happening all around us, can ignite that spark and make us BELIEVE. And so that is what I’m going to bring to you.

For the next week I am challenging myself to write one blog post per day about real life LAW LOVE STORIES – stories about lawyers living lives they love all over the world and stories about the law firms and technology that allows them the flexibility to make their dreams come true.

There are so many lawyers out there LIVING the LIFE of their DREAMS that its IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO BE INSPIRED.

TYS’s mission is to grow a community of empowered young lawyers that believe in the possibility of living lives that they love within the legal profession. A group of young lawyers in which each individual member’s VISION for their ideal life becomes REALITY. A group of young lawyers that truly LOVES their LIVES and the amazing profession they are a part of.

So stay tuned for some SERIOUS INSPIRATION.

Amazing things are happening out there.

Anyone could be next. I hope its you!