So you got caught up? No problem! How to get back to living from a place of infinite possibility.

I got it, and then I took it for granted. takenforgranted

That sentence applies to so many things in life. When you say it, it probably means you’re in a place that’s less than amazing. Usually it means you had something great and then let it slip away.

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling that way. I’ve been struggling to maintain my positive outlook. Great things were happening to me, but I wasn’t feeling happy deep in my core. I wasn’t treating myself well. The negative voices were back and I was constantly trying to beat them away, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. What happened to that feeling, that intangible thing that would just melt all that negativity away? I wasn’t operating from the place of genuine happiness I knew existed and that I had been living from consistently only a few weeks before.  I felt like I was struggling to see in the dark, knowing that the light switch was within my reach, but unable to raise my arm and flip it on.

I had taken a step back towards my old ways of thinking. I was letting self-doubt and fear govern my behavior. I was operating more and more from a place of unconsciousness.  Not complete unconsciousness like I’d experienced before. I couldn’t let myself go that far. I knew there was a much better place to live and I wanted to get back there. I hated it even more because I knew that place existed and that I was choosing to be here.

Two nights ago I read a book that got me back on track. It’s called Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant. It’s a really short read and everyone should read it. It brought a lot of clarity to the way I’ve been feeling.  It was the best one hour and a bit investment I’ve made this week.

Basically, it smacked me upside the head and forced me to see what I’d been forgetting, or more like igonoring. It forced me to admit that deep down I knew the cause of and the solution to my little funk. We usually do.

The cause – Letting myself slip back into living from a place of “not enough”.

I was putting more and more expectations on myself. I was telling myself that I was “not writing blog articles enough” “not reaching out enough” “not exercising enough” “not taking enough risks” “just not doing enough”. It wasn’t all the time, but it was starting to create stress in my life. I was focusing more and more on getting things done and I was starting to forget to follow my own fundamental rule: love yourself first, accept yourself fully, and face the world each day from a place of enough.

I’d gotten caught up.

caught up

I was striving too much for the happiness of ‘future me’ which meant ‘present me’ wasn’t getting any love, and naturally was feeling less than awesome about it.

The solution - Never take your own love and acceptance of yourself for granted.

Practice it every day. Practice it until you believe it and then practice it some more so that you never forget it.  Whatever works for you to get rid of the belief that you or your life or your circumstances are “not _________ enough”, do it. And never stop doing it. Try telling yourself you love yourself often as possible as Kamal suggests in Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. And if that doesn’t work for you, try something else.

For me the mantra is “I am enough.” I am enough implies self-love and it implies acceptance of what is. It implies letting go of trying to control everything and letting go of expectation. It implies happiness now, not happiness “if” or “when” in the future. It empowers who you are today.

Renewing my commitment to saying the Creed of Enough as often as possible, saying it until I get back into the place where I fully believe it, and then continuing to practice it until it becomes the thought my mind most often goes to whenever there is silence, is how I have chosen to get myself “un-caught up”. It is also in practicing that commitment that I know I will save myself from getting “caught up” in the future.

I hope you will renew your commitment to self-love and acceptance in whatever way works for you, and never stop.

self-love sand

I have to admit, this is the hardest article I’ve written so far, other than the first day when I published the “About Me” page exposing my true self to the world. This article makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel vulnerable and it freaks me out to publish it. In fact, I almost didn’t write it, but something I read in Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It changed my mind.  Kamal writes about his favorite blogger James Altucher. He says that James once told him that he never writes a blog post unless it makes him worried what people will think of him. I kind of like that idea - if it makes you uncomfortable that’s when its really worth writing about. It gave me courage.

So even though I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable, I’m choosing to step outside my comfort zone and share this with you because it is in line with what I believe. I believe in the power of sharing our struggles. I believe in vulnerability’s power to heal and inspire, and I hope that my sharing will bring us a little closer together.

Outside my comfort zone is also exactly where living from a place of “enough” leads me. I’d gotten caught up in old ways of thinking for a moment, and I’d forgotten how amazing that place is. I’d forgotten that the place of enough is a place of infinite possibility. So that’s where I’m choosing to be. That’s where I’m choosing to live. And that is what I wish for you.

infinite possibility

With love,