5 - 5 Minute Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life!


  1. Wake up intention – what do you want to guide your day? (This does not mean writing a to-do list! It means focusing on an overarching way of being that you want to align your actions with all day. See the list of ideas at the end if you need a little kick-start.
  2. Noon-time mindfulness – check in with yourself, refocus on your intention (if possible do it with a change of scenery like a walk around the block, or at least a few deep breaths)
  3. Afternoon gratitude – what are you thankful for today? (write at least 3 things down and be as specific as possible)
  4. Post-work acknowledgement – what have you done today that was in keeping with your intention? (again, write them down and be as specific as possible)
  5. Bedtime peace of mind – check in with yourself, refocus on your intention, and remind yourself that no matter what you have or haven’t done that day, it is enough. (See the Enough Creed below - say it to yourself and believe it!)

Type these in as tasks in your iPhone or Outlook calendar or whatever magical electronic life organizer keeps you sane. Whatever way you choose to remind yourself to do these simple 5 minute life savers please do them! Try them out for a week. I guarantee you will be amazed at how much of a difference they will make to your state of mind.

Practice them regularly and you will also find they can have powerful effects on many aspects of your life. By incorporating these simple practices into my daily routine I have found I am sleeping better, procrastinating less, focusing more and more of my time on things that are meaningful to me, and completing tasks more efficiently and effectively. Because I am constantly reminding myself of what’s important to me and the way I want to live my life, I actually accomplish more things that are important to me and feel happy and proud that I am living my life in line with those things that are important to me. It really is that simple!

Your state of mind makes all the difference.

I hope that you will let these practices guide your state of mind and find out for yourself!

Daily Intentions Examples

  1. “Be present”
  2. “Be truthful” (i.e. no white lies)
  3. “Smile more and be friendly”
  4. “Don’t take anything for granted” (i.e. be grateful)
  5. “Act with integrity” (i.e. stand up for myself, make a tough decision, say no to something or someone)
  6. “Be fearless”
  7. “Help others”
  8. “Listen more than I speak”
  9. “Focus fully on the task at hand” (i.e. no multi-tasking)
  10. “No judgement” (of myself or others)
  11. “No expectations” (of myself or others)
  12. “Be kind to myself”
  13. “Practice forgiveness” (of myself or others)
  14. “No beating myself up!”
  15. “Make decisions consciously“
  16. “Be creative”
  17. “Embrace imperfection”
  18. “Ask for help ” or “Accept help offered”
  19. “Accept fully what is”
  20. “Believe in myself”

The Enough Creed

I have enough.

I have done enough.

I am loved and accepted enough.

I am loving and accepting enough.

There is enough for all of us.

It is enough.

I am enough.

                                   enough - chain gold