Buy a can of Comet, just in case…

“What I would do”, JD said, “is keep a can of Comet in my drawer, and when I really can’t take it anymore, I could just grab it and…”, JD lifted her hand and made a motion of shaking Comet into her face while making whimpering noises. The others at the table laughed.

“Wow, now that’s creative”, one of them said.

The group of articling students were out for lunch on a Friday. They were just finishing their meal, and enjoying the last of each other’s company before gluing themselves back in front of their computer screens.

The topic of conversation had ranged from comparing work hours, to complaining about work, to joking about creative ways to do themselves in. A typical lunch.

The seriousness of the problem entered their consciousness briefly when one of them brought up the news story about the articling student in Toronto who it appeared (although it was being kept very quiet) had gone so far as to actually take her own life. The story was heartbreaking. They each mumbled something about how awful it was that that could actually happen.

But it was too close home. They couldn’t allow themselves to dwell on it for fear that the reality of their situations would be too much for them too.

Somebody mentioned the weather. It was a snowstorm outside.

And they went back to laughing.