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Your soul has a story to tell.

A story of a beautiful life that only you can live.

It’s been buried. Deep. For years.

It’s been covered with other stories.

Stories that start with “I should” and “I have to” and “I can’t”.

You are frustrated with the status quo.

You know there’s more to life.

You know there’s more YOU.

You’ve tried to shove that knowing down. You’ve tried to smother the pain of living a mediocre life with strategies and substances (busyness, T.V., food, alcohol, shopping, drugs, bad relationships, sex).

You’ve tried telling yourself you are fine. For a while you even convinced yourself that you were.

And now you’ve reached a point of no return. You know there is a better, more beautiful life out there. And you want it.

Only the current story you are in won’t allow it. You are flooded with all kinds of rational reasons why you should not let go; why you should not try something new; why everything must stay just as it is.

You feel stuck.

If only you knew how to find it. If only you knew how to live it.

If only you had enough ___ (money, time, resources, courage, energy, education, support) to create the life that was truly meant just for you.

No more if onlys. It’s time to start.  

This space is dedicated to your journey. Your journey of self-discovery and healing. Your journey of allowing yourself to be who you really are in the world. This is where you come to re-write the story of your life to the one your soul is aching to tell.

talking circles

Talking Circles

Circles are safe spaces for healing and self-discovery

Spaces where we can share and be seen. Spaces where we learn to let go of stories of unworthiness and shame.  Spaces where we can offer support and solidarity to others on their journey. Spaces where we can be supported and inspired to take the next courageous step forward on our soul’s journey. 

I love the Talking Circle Danielle hosts where she has created a safe place to share with others, a place where people can give and receive hope when it’s needed most. I am so grateful to have her in my life!
Participating in the Talking Circle thoughtfully hosted by Danielle is valuable and intriguing for me. With limitations of perspective, the events and stories on the river of my life often leave me entangled in side brush, with progress slow. The opportunity to share and listen to other travellers allows the grace of accepting a hand of assistance, a chance to practice the tender heart of compassion, and kindles insight to move, even surf, freely again with life’s currents. Though the gift of the talking circle experience may seem humble, the fresh insight to move forward can be grand. Consider the possibility of joining for a session.
I loved the Talking Circle! It seems to attract great people and the conversation was very real, active and stimulating! There was no pressure to participate and it was interesting to hear people’s experiences and opinions. Thank you so much for the experience!
I can’t say enough good things about these talking circles - Danielle creates a space that’s so warm and safe, you feel comfortable sharing just about anything. The venue is also pretty magical - I love taking myself out of the grind of the day to day, and connecting with such kind people in such a beautiful place. If I can help it, I don’t miss these.

For more information on upcoming circles
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soul story project planning - day workshop

September 22, 2018

This is a special Write Your Soul Story full-day workshop for those of you who want to focus on bringing a Soul Project to life in the last quarter of 2018.

The workshop, held in an private, intimate setting in downtown Vancouver, will be all about creating a safe space for you to sink deep into your soul and get clear on the Soul Project that is ready to be born into the world - the book, the script, the program, the movie, the business, the product, the service - the masterpiece that only you could create.

Through writing prompts, coaching and goal setting exercises, I will:

  1. Support you to get really clear on your vision for your Soul Project;
  2. Challenge you to push through your resistance and create a clearly defined goal, and a tangible plan that you can work on in bite-sized pieces over the next three months to bring your Soul Project to life; and
  3. Help you to put in place the structures and support you need going forward to, day-by-day, carry your plan out.

When January 1, 2019 rolls around, you will be proud and grateful for the progress you have made in expressing your soul's voice in the world.

This workshop is all about supporting you to make that a reality.



Write your soul story visioning retreat

January 2019.

Details coming soon.




Soul Story & Memoir Writing Coaching

I create space to work with a maximum of two individuals on a one-on-one basis at any given time. If you are ready to dive more deeply into a journey of healing and writing your life from your soul, this may be for you.

The healing and personal growth I’ve experienced since working with Danielle Rondeau as my coach is marvelous. I feel more peaceful, confident and focused with each session. I appreciate her so much for her warmth, compassion, humor, and insight. She makes me feel so understood, and I’ve found this deep awareness and strength within me that I didn’t know I had. I am so grateful to have her in my life!
— michelle a., entrepreneur
Danielle is a very intuitive and skilled coach and my work with her has empowered me to step outside my comfort zone and live life with purpose, bravery and heart.
— K. Walter, Non-Profit Executive Director
Working with Danielle has been the biggest gift I have ever given myself. I have never felt so at ease with myself. I find myself accepting more and more the habits and behaviors that I was resisting, finding ease in the flow.
— Shannon Lagasse,

Please email me at with any inquiries.