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All of the rich and varied expressions of humanity lie within each of us.

Life asks us to go to those places we have not yet discovered; to expand into the fullness of who we really are. I live what I preach. I believe in the healing power of witnessing someone else’s journey and of being seen on our own. Here you will find my journey in all of its magic and beauty, and all of its messy humanity.



Raw, real, vulnerable and poetically expressed

Stories of ecstasy and depression and everything in between. This blog is my exploration of what it means to be human in all the ways that I am. This is the space where I write my way forward from my soul. 



my full journey of transformation, inspirational insights and soul stirring poetry


In her mid-twenties Danielle Rondeau was the picture of perfection— a legal career on the fast track to success, a loving stable relationship, more devoted friends and family than anyone could hope for, a schedule filled with glamorous events, and the body of a model—no one suspected a thing.


A collection of over 180 poems exploring the depths of human emotions and character traits, the workings of fear and confusion, the power of passion and love, deep spiritual connection, the magic of creation, and simple daily life. 

They are raw, heart-wrenching expressions of what it means to be human in all the ways that we are.


Danielle Rondeau



After hitting a breaking point as a stressed-out lawyer, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, recovering from an eating disorder, training as a life coach, and rekindling my passion for writing.

I am a published author and poet, and a practicing lawyer and life coach. I practice law at Killam Cordell in Vancouver, Canada. This website is dedicated to my other endeavors. My work is infused with passion and vulnerability, and spans a wide range of topics including, overcoming addictions, reducing stress, cultivating self-acceptance and inner peace, living your soul’s story, and creating a more beautiful world. I am deeply committed to my own journey of healing and truth telling and am always looking for opportunities to share my stories and insights with others as they embark on a journey of their own. 

You can find out more about my journey through my blog and books



I am available for select speaking engagements.
Contact me at with inquiries. 

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